Coupons & Offers

Coupons & Discount Offers

We have a bunch of offers live right now– some secret, some not so secret– but if you are reading this, let’s fill you in on the deals!  Some of the offers are coupon codes that you have to enter when viewing your cart or on the checkout page.

Here’s the list and info on our current deals:

  • FREE Shipping on all orders over $100… always!  If you have over $100 in your cart, you will automatically have the option of choosing FREE Shipping instead of the calculated UPS shipping option.  You can often make this a great deal by just adding an accessory to get the free shipping on your case order.
  • $15 OFF any Case Order.  Use the code “launchoffer” in the cart or at checkout. This offer is only good through the end of February.  It cannot be combined with other offers such as the one above. (Minimum purchase for this offer is $50.)  You will not be able to use this code if you already have the free shipping option, but it’s a big discount on many standard cases.
  • Super Secret Deal- Get a Free Accessory with any Case Purchase!  After selecting your case, take a look at our Accessory selection and add one to your order.  Then enter the code “freeaddon” in the cart or on the checkout page.  This coupon code will expire at the end of February!

Please contact us if you have any questions or use the Fitting Assistance page so we can filter our case sizes for you.

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