Pre-Sale Questions

An instrument should fit almost tight and be secure on at least 4 contact points around the body.  Your instrument should not move around once the case is closed. Of course, a slightly loose fitting case is better than much too tight, and certainly better than none at all!
The bouts are the widest sections at the shoulders and the widest section below the bridge– the widest and second widest sections of the top.
The heel of the guitar is the carved section where the neck meets the body. When measuring the body length on an acoustic guitar we reference the tip of the heel when looking at the back, all the way down to the tail.
We sell cases from many different brands and manufacturers, and we are still adding more.  Our current selections are primarily from Guardian®, Godin®, Superior™, Carion™, Golden Gate™, and we have our own specially made gigbags coming soon.
This depends on the case. All of our measurements are for approximate guitar sizes. We reference the ideal guitar size limit, not really the case with squished padding.
The waist measurement is the least important. Usually a case fits most relative to the bout areas, depth and length. If you have a strangely shaped guitar, or you are concerned about this variable, please contact us.
There are many examples of foam-core cases like Featherweight and the TRIC cases being safer than the traditional wood-shell and tolex hard cases. We think this is due to the absorption properties of the foam, whereas the plywood constructed cases transfer more of the impact through their frame. Indeed, higher quality hard cases and certainly elite-level fiberglass cases, are arguably the most protective.

Shipping & Returns

If the case doesn’t fit, you can send it back to us in the same box. Let us find you a replacement and we’ll cover half of your return shipping cost (up to $15) on the replacement case. Visit our returns page for details.
We ship from our store in Flagstaff, Arizona. We work out of our parent guitar shop, Custom Sound Instruments.
Shipping a guitar is completely safe, if done properly. We can help you with materials and instructions on getting your instrument to us for repairs.  See our Repair Services page for more details.
We currently use UPS Ground Service for shipments within the United States. We use US Postal Service International when shipping to other countries.
Your order will ship the same day if you place it before 1pm, Mountain Standard Time. In Arizona, we do not recognize Daylight Savings time, and half the year we align with Pacific Time.
Absolutely, but please understand that international shipping can be more than double our domestic shipping averages due to the size of some cases.
Use the Track Your Order function here at the CaseParlor.
We have a specially designed box that we use, and it wraps around the case.  Some cases come in an additional protective wrapping.
Backorders are orders for items that we are waiting to receive on our end. Rare issues with suppliers and inventory flow can cause these brief interruptions.  A backorder usually ships within 5 business days.