The Easy Measure Match System™

Introducing the Easy Measure Match System

Our system is the process that your shopping experience is built upon here at CaseParlor.  The platform we have developed is comprised of two key ingredients:

In addition to this unique Search & Sort function, we have a few other ways to find the right case.  We cover the keywords you might want to search for, like “dreadnaught” or “resonator,” and also  instrument types, like banjo, mandolin, etc.  We also know you may desire searching by different case styles, like standard tolex cases, tweed styles, premium plush velvet interior cases, and other product types.

Here at CaseParlor we have five categorically different filter functions to make finding the right case easier than ever before.

Five Searchable Functions:

  1. Measurement Filter and Inventory Search- at the bottom of the Measurements page.
  2. The Parlor Navigate a unique categorization of our cases, products, and services.
  3. Tags- Quick keywords available at the bottom of every page and on the right side of this page.
  4. Shopping Categories- Our general categories, available under the main “Shop” menu or to the right of this post.
  5. General Keyword Site Search- Available at the top bar, above the main site menu or to the right of this post.

Stay posted for more details including tips and best practices for using the Inventory Measurement Filter.

Thanks for stopping by the Case Parlor.

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