More Cases Coming Soon!

We want you to know that our current offering is miniscule compared to what we are developing here at CaseParlor.  We are currently adding new cases and getting ready to release a large batch of new products very soon.

Upcoming product releases include CaseParlor gigbags, more unique instrument care products, and many more CASES for guitar, ukulele, mandolin and others!

Stay tuned…

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One thought on “More Cases Coming Soon!

  1. I recently purchased a tweed case from you for my Epiphone Masterbilt DR500mce. The case was better than expected, fit, finish and looks. Thank you.
    I have a 1969 Gibson Melody Maker that I bought new in 1969. The original chip board case, I still have, but I never used it because it is not lined and not good quality. A friend at the time had a Melody Maker with a faux brown alligator case. Do you have anything available that would fit my Melody Maker? Faux alligator would fulfill a dream.

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