Luthiers At Heart.

Our parent shop, Custom Sound Instruments, was built around the repair bench.  The luthiery work at Custom Sound is world class, and they accomplish the finest repair work. Contact the Custom Sound shop right here for a repair consultation.

How Should I Ship it?

Shipping your instrument to us for repair or restoration is safe and simple.  The hardest part will likely be finding a box.  We can mail you one for $10.  It will likely be easier to find one from a UPS Shipping store nearby.  Follow our packing instructions below and send us an email with the dimensions and weight of the box after it’s all packed up.  We will schedule the shipment for you and email the UPS label.  (This shipment will be covered by us. The return shipment will be a discounted shipping amount added to the repair invoice.)

How Should I pack it?

You should always ship your guitar in a case.  De-tune about half-way, leaving some tension on the strings.  Use bubble-wrap or padding around the headstock and neck if possible, and also in the heel area or around the body if it’s loose at all– in any area with space– as much as you can while still being able to fit the guitar into the case safely without squishing it.  If the case is difficult to close, use less packing material.   The case needs to fit in a large “guitar box.”  Use newspaper and/or bubble packing (no peanuts) and make sure the case doesn’t shift around after the box is closed.

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