Search Functionality Updated!

We have updated the functionality of our specialized search table.  We have refined the functionality to get you better results. Measure your guitar and enter a couple of your dimensions to filter your choices.

You can search specifically down to the quarter inch now!  Click here to start searching. This table is currently located at the bottom of the Measurements page.  Our entire inventory is listed with the five primary measurements so you can filter and search by size.  Measure your guitar and then enter a couple of your dimensions to filter your choices.

CaseParlor Measurements:

case-lineWe measure all of our cases to the nearest 1/4 inch (0.25″).  The measurements listed for each case reflect the ideal guitar size, considering a slight amount of compression to the internal padding in the case.  This mostly applies to the lower bout.  Almost all cases have a certain amount of padding which will squish up to 1/2″ on each side.  This means that some cases can have up to 0.75″ of lower bout variance in terms of fitting with your instrument!  We recommend the guitar be no more that 0.25″ larger than the lower bout measurement listed.  Guitars that measure slightly less than the listed measurement will also have a decent fit, just without much compression of the internal padding.

If you would like more info on taking guitar measurements, please visit the Measurements page or go to the Fitting Assistance page.


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