Welcome to the Case Parlor!

Ready. Set. Go!

And we’re live.  Welcome to CaseParlor, the world’s most functionally searchable site of guitar cases, specializing in small body, parlor, single O, and other hard to find case sizes.

Of course, we also carry a worthy selection of cases for other instruments, like banjo and ukulele, along with cases for standard sizes like dreadnaught and classical guitars.

We are launching in a post beta mode, where the only major developments coming in the next few weeks and months will be more cases and other instrument care products.

Tips on getting the most from your visit to the Case Parlor:

  • Be sure to check out the sortable inventory list at the bottom of the Measurements page. This is a very handy tool for sorting cases by type or dimension. For instance, you can sort by lower bout sizes to quickly filter sizes you’re looking for.  You can even enter a couple dimensions or terms, separated by a space.
  • Use the list of Tags, found at the footer of every page.  This is a quick and easy link reference based on popular descriptors.
  • Go to The Parlor to look at case selections sorted by quality and case style– for example, Premium Plush, Tweed styles, and others.
  • Browse our general Shop Categories, which are organized by general instrument sizes.
  • Don’t forget the general Site Search function, found on the top bar.  This is a powerful keyword search which can be used to scan all product descriptions for terms relating to general size, type and some brand names of instruments and cases.



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